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7 Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming a Vegetarian

I didn’t expect a simple diet change to have as profound an effect on me as becoming a vegetarian has. From almost immediate health improvements to pride in cutting my carbon footprint here are seven things I didn’t expect when I stopped eating meat. Food tastes soooooo gooooooooood. It’s not that I never ate vegetables …

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Quick and Easy Spinach Ramen

This quick and easy spinach ramen takes advantage of ingredients that are already in most pantries. It takes 10 minutes, is filling, flavorful and full of minerals and vitamins. Ingredients: 1 inch of ginger1 jumbo garlic clove 1/2 medium onion2 generous handfuls of baby spinach1/2 tomato1/2 lime1 tablespoon oil1 ramen packet (toss out seasoningsalt and …

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